Top Destinations for Touring and Exploring Holidays

Top Destinations for Touring and Exploring Holidays

Luxury touring holidays are a great way to get to know your destination and to immerse yourself in the things that make it unique truly. It can also add a taste of adventure to your life, and helps you to make the most of your luxury holiday by experiencing the full range of sights on offer. Some of the best destinations for luxury touring holidays include:


Vietnam has only recently begun to catch on as a tourist destination, and as such, it is filled with unspoilt natural beauty. The country benefits from a range of different types of terrain, including mountains, forests, and some truly incredible coastlines. As a result, luxury holidays in Vietnam provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy a range of untouched natural sights. The coastline is particularly popular with visitors, and cruises provide an excellent touring and exploring option along a stretch of seafront.


Burma is a wonderful and varied country. The thriving metropolis of Rangoon stands in stark contrast to the beautiful rural scenery that fills much of the nation’s landscape. The combination of variety, a unique and interesting culture, and outstanding natural beauty make Burma the ideal location for luxury touring holidays. In particular, river cruises such as The Road to Mandalay enable you to experience the true breadth of experiences on offer to all who take luxury holidays in Burma.

Sri Lanka

Tea is the drink that sees many people safely through a busy day. A holiday to Sri Lanka – one of the key tea-producing nations – will provide you with a fascinating chance to see how your daily cup is grown and picked. Sri Lanka offers many wonderful touring opportunities to those interested in luxury holidays, but among the best and certainly the most unique are those that encompass manor houses on vast tea-growing estates. You will move from one estate to another, taking tours of the tea-making process or exploring the surrounding countryside.


Canada is famous for its spectacular wilderness areas and rugged mountainscapes, but it is also a highly-developed country with a strong economy and major cities. A tour that takes in multiple parts of Canada will provide the full range from bustling cities to quiet rural settings and unspoilt nature. However, the adventure holidays set deep in the wilderness are highlighted for adventurous types. Horse riding, mountaineering, and the chance to see spectacular wildlife are key features of many luxury holidays on offer in Canada.


Touring and exploring don’t always need to include some spectacular natural landscape. Sometimes exploring a city can be just as exciting, and this is one of the best luxury holidays for those wishing to explore Morocco. A stay in Marrakech will give you the opportunity to experience the country’s colourful culture, see major landmarks, and experience the exciting “souk” open-air markets. However, nature is still within reach, and the Atlas Mountains in particular, can be visited for an incredible day.

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